I preached about openness from the beginning, because it seemed right in principle. Now, I preach it because I’ve learned it’s value in practice too. My foster daughter comes from a family of tender, gracious and generous women, and they’ve welcomed me in. Grandma P has never been anything other than honest about her grief, and yet seems to be equally willing to offer me her gratitude. Every time she spends time in our home she honours us all by treating us like family. It never fails to amaze me how God chooses to fill up our empty places so creatively and unexpectedly. My mom died four years ago, and I feel a bit like that the chick in the storybook looking for its mother: “Will you be my new mom-figure?” Go figure, it appears one has found me in the middle of this broken story we’re walking together. Openness didn’t just introduce our little girl to her grandmother, it introduced us all to a wonderful woman who enriches our life. Now, we’re all hurting and loving together, and better for having one another to do it with.